Monday, March 21, 2016

Portico Prime

Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last post and I do admit that it has been my fault for being lazy and not finding the time to post. I am posting one now and it is mainly due to the wonderful experience I had dining at Portico Prime (PP) that got me writing again. Good things are meant to be shared!

We had booked ourselves in for the Singapore restaurant week 3 course lunch at PP. This was our first time dining here and I was looking forward to the food as I have heard good reviews from my Aunt who had just eaten at PP recently for a birthday dinner.

Upon entering the restaurant I admired the high ceiling and the overall spaciousness of the place which lent PP a laid back and relax vibe admist its chic setting. The waitstaff were very friendly and attentive which led to a great start to our lunch and they continue to do so throughout our meal.

I must admit that I was slightly disappointed when I learnt that the lunch set was going to be an Asian inspired 3 course meal. My heart (and tummy) was set on eating some hearty western fair. Kudos to the chef though for I throughly enjoyed the Asian inspired meal.

We started of with fresh bread served with two types of butter; salted butter and a seaweed butter which was a favorite amongst the group. [3/5]

For the first course / entree we were served grilled seafood on a bed of Thai inspired som tum salad and a tom yum dipping sauce. The seafood was nicely grilled with just a slight char that lent the dish some extra oomph. [4/5]

The chef did a play on the traditional Nasi Lemak and served this as a risotto cooked in coconut milk with deep fried battered white bait in lieu of the more traditional Ikan Bilis, a bamboo charcoal coated Otak (traditional fish cake) which to me looked like beef rendang and red drops of sambal. The Nasi Lemak risotto was a little hit and miss for me as I found the risotto slightly over cooked. Though I loved the Bamboo Charcoal coated Otak and the idea / creativity behind the dish. [3.5/5]

My favorite dish at PP was the dessert! It was an underwater aquarium served in a glass. Honeycomb ice cream with a pink coral made out of meringue, a marshmallow fish, chocolate seashell and moss of greentea chiffon cake. It was a delight not only on our tastebuds but for our eyes too. Loved the creativity behind this dish! [4.5/5]

We had a lovely experience overall and I will be back to try some of the western dishes on the menu.

Portico Prime
#01-20, 10 Dempsey Road,
247700 Singapore

+65 6474 7427