Sunday, June 8, 2014

Poppin Pods

Imma VIPPP! :)
It's a nice feeling to know that you're on someone's VIPPP list. 

Very Important Poppin Pods Person...that is.

The kind people at Poppin Pods have come up a really good idea on how to constantly have fresh green herbs. I'm pretty sure that being 'foodies' yourselves, half (if not most) of you have at least attempted to  grow your own herbs. 

I have failed miserably in this area and bow my head in shame. Once upon a time, I tried growing chives and mint from those little pots but the amount of time spent waiting for it to grow and the mess I had to deal with just wasn't worth the number of scraggly leaves I got back. I swore that one day, when I have my own house with a backyard, I'll try it again but for now, I'll rely on store bought greens. This is where Poppin Pods comes in.

These guys take the pain away by growing the veggies for you and the concept behind it is really simple. 

Step 1.
Choose the shell of your choice.They offer a range of styles from Galvanized Tin to Bamboo. Check their website out for photos(link at the bottom). 
Size wise, they fit comfortably on any normal kitchen window sill.

Step 2.
Pick the pods of your choice, all of which are ready to be harvested.
As they're all Australian grown, the range may change depending on the season. Each shell would comfortably fit 3 pods, each of which has a nifty handle for ease of handling.

Step 3.
Pop it on your window sill, occasionally water it (50ml per pod) and use as necessary. Once you're done, bring the 'naked' pod back to their stockist (currently David Jones  City or Bondi) and replace it with another herb of your choice.

There you have it!

My two cents
I think this is a great idea. The fact that it's ready to harvest the day you pick it up means that you only cut the leaves as you need them. Key point here is that there's no wastage possibly buying too much and thowing the rest away. Even if you don't use too much herbs at home or you just don't cook, these shells and the pods would still look pretty cool in your home and would be a pretty good talking point for when your friends drop by.

Check out their website here for more information, or on their facebook page and get yourself a few pods.