Sunday, May 25, 2014

Table Manners

A random walk up North Canal Road in search of food brought us upon a chance encounter with Table Manners. The facade of the restaurant was inviting; with clear glass frame in black and views of what was going on in the restaurant... Or maybe we were just famished and Table Manners looked like a decent place that would serve us up some food.

As soon as we sat down we poured over the menu like hungry people do. I like how they named some of their dishes after old children's stories like Mary's Little Lamb and Three Little Pigs. What I also liked was when we asked if we could have a taste of the house red (a Malbec) before we decide on a bottle of wine, they actually brought out two tasting glasses for us to try! We ended up with a bottle of the Shiraz Cabernet for Sgd 55.

The food came out at lighting speed which suited us just fine.

From bottom left in a clockwise direction...

My favourite mains of the night - The Aglio Olio Bratwurst Sausage. Al dente and Cooked with garlic and bacon. Yum!

TM Ribs - Tender and juicy but ordinary

Three Little Pigs - The meat was tender and was nicely marinated. Served with an awesome Garlic Aioli. 

We were stuffed but a dinner cannot end without dessert! You know it's good when there's silence at the table. 

It was a burst of flavours for me; the not too buttery crust, bitter chocolate, sweet caramel and ended with the sea salt. I would highly recommend just popping a decent bite size portion in to your mouth and let the flavours burst forth. 

The best dish of the night goes to.... *drum rolls*..... Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel Tart

12 North Canal Road
#01-01 Singapore 048825