Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kristang Cuisine @ The Loft, The Sterling, Melaka

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If you've read my previous post you would have known that Uncle WY is good friends' with Chef Anthony which was why we were privy to a special dinner of Kristang (Portugese) Food at The Loft. Before this dinner my idea of Portugese food was their famous Ikan Bakar and Curry Debel but there is so much more to Kristang cuisine..

I would like to make it clear though that Kristang cuisine is different from the ones you find in Portugal or even in Macau. Like the Peranakan cuisine which was born out of inter-marriages between Chinese Men and local women, Kristang cuisine, is heavily influenced by the inter-marriages between Portugese men and local women during the colonisation of Malacca (1511).

From left to right : Keltok Rayae (Fresh Ray Fish Onion Soup) & Barke Salat (Braised Beef salad in Chilli Dressing)