Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Loft @ The Sterling Hotel, Malacca

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The Sterling Hotel (Architecture inspired by the colonial era)

We have been here a number of times now but each time I sit down to write I end up doing something else. Blame it on my short attention-span or maybe being stretched too thin with all the things I have going on at the same time. That seems to be the norm these days. I digress.

The hotel itself is pretty difficult to find. That is because it is hidden behind Bee Loon, a company that specialises in school uniforms, who coincidentally is also the owners of the Sterling Hotel. Hmm.. maybe that is why the hotel is built behind the Bee Loon store instead of prime frontage on the main street where the store now sits. No matter.. the food at The Loft is delicious!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Foodie-Central was given a complimentary double movie pass to watch JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI. I soooo wanted to go watch this movie but unfortunately I was not able to make it. As such I had given my movie passes to a foodie friend (who I had been nagging for ages now to be a contributor to this blog) in return for a post on the movie. 


-- Start of post --

So I was given the opportunity to write up a post on a documentary about one of the most loved cuisines in the world... Sushi. Being about 2 hours early for show, I pondered whether or not it was too clich├ęd if I went to have Japanese food for dinner just to set the mood. I decided against it and went for pizza instead. It was really good but that's another story all together.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi follows the life of Jiro Ono and his quest for perfection which has finally earned him the title of being the oldest chef in the world to receive three Michelin stars. He is also in the Guinness book of world records for this. Now with a reputation like that, trying to book yourself in for a meal is almost as hard as getting a Friday night booking at Marque and only giving a few days notice. You'll need to call up the restaurant at least a month in advanced and also be prepared to pay roughly $350 per person.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Japan 1 : Furano Ski Resort

First Japan post finally here!

I have been cracking my brains on the bests way to share my eating adventure while in Japan. Should I just post about everything, each meal at a time, which will amount to a very very long post or just highlights from the tour? I had decided to go for something in between. As we were on tour I doubt some of the places we ate at would be on the map so I have decided to post only on places that are easily accessible by anyone and to include a few highlight pics thrown in from our middle-of-no-where tour eating stops.

First up - our 2 night stay at New Furano Prince Hotel.

We had a lovely time playing in the snow, checking out the Christmas Village (beautiful, especially at night) and enjoying the traditional Japanese Onsen (hot spring bath). All our meals during the stay was at the hotel / resort as it is kinda situated in the 'wilderness' with a majority of them buffet style (included in our tour package). Check out buffet pics and resort photos at the end of the post.


Karamatsu Japanese Restaurant (included under tour package)

Included in our tour was a fine-dining Japanese meal which was held at Karamatsu Japanese Restaurant. The Kaiseki Ryori (banquet course) reflects the four seasons.

Clockwise from top left: Tuna Sashimi, Octopus and Lightly Stewed Seasonal Vegs, Salmon Sashimi, Seaweed Roll, Sakura Prawn Sashimi, Beancurd & Ladies Finger

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hoofed Restaurant, TTDI

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My mum has been raving about Hoofed since she went there for dinner with the rest of the family. I missed out as I had a prior engagement that I couldn't get out off :( But it's OK as we made it back there a couple of weeks ago.

Hoofed Restaurant or more commonly known as "the restaurant upstairs TDH" (Tom Dick Harry - local watering hole and also owner of Hoofed) is one of the many restaurants that have sprouted up serving quality pork dishes. Even its name Hoofed is in honour of the PIG and the many porky dishes on its menu.