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Kristang Cuisine @ The Loft, The Sterling, Melaka

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If you've read my previous post you would have known that Uncle WY is good friends' with Chef Anthony which was why we were privy to a special dinner of Kristang (Portugese) Food at The Loft. Before this dinner my idea of Portugese food was their famous Ikan Bakar and Curry Debel but there is so much more to Kristang cuisine..

I would like to make it clear though that Kristang cuisine is different from the ones you find in Portugal or even in Macau. Like the Peranakan cuisine which was born out of inter-marriages between Chinese Men and local women, Kristang cuisine, is heavily influenced by the inter-marriages between Portugese men and local women during the colonisation of Malacca (1511).

From left to right : Keltok Rayae (Fresh Ray Fish Onion Soup) & Barke Salat (Braised Beef salad in Chilli Dressing)
Dinner started off with Keltok Rayae. The soup was clear and light and to be honest too light for my taste. The Barke Salat on the other hand was a whole different story. Tender, succulent, flavourful slices of braised beef served tossed with lettuce, fried bean curd, cucumber and chilli dressing was the star dish of the night.

From Left to Right : Chorker Curry Marakluk (Stir Fry Squid in Yellow Curry), Kambrang Sambal Nanas (Prawns in Pineapple Sambal Sauce) & Garlinya Pimenter Fritu (Fried Chicken w/ Black Pepper Marinate)
Another delicious dish was the Chorker Curry Marakluk. I love the blend of spices in the yellow curry. The Kambrang Sambal Nanas was so-so for me. The prawns were fresh and sweet but the sambal was just ordinary for my taste. Another lovely dish was the Garlinya Pimenter Fritu. Love, love, love the black pepper marinade and the combination of ingredients and cooking style of this dish. I never knew there was such a dish in Kristang cuisine. Who's got a recipe to share?

From Left to Right : Baked Pasi (Portugese Baked Fish), Terung Ku Bendi Sambal Keruwak (Blanched Lady Fingers and Deep Fried Pepper Brinjal w/ Onion Dried Prawns Chilli Topping) & Pengak Borberak (Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes, Yam, Banana & Sago in Coconut Milk)
The Baked Pasi was a let down for me as I had expected more from it. The sambal just did not have that extra kick of spiciness. It was also not as flavoursome as the sambals at other Portugese eateries in Melaka. In fact I preferred the sambal in the Terung Ku Bendi Sambal Keruwak. Dessert was also just so-so for me.

Overall, even though some dishes may have missed the spot, the evening was still an eye-opening and delicious look into Kristang cuisine. Will love to try more Kristang food. Any recommendations?

The Loft @ The Sterling Hotel
Lot 232, KB XX,
Jalan Temenggong
75100 Melaka

Tel : +606 283 1188

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