Monday, September 26, 2011

PRIME @ Le Meridien

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I'm not one to write a scathing review as I always try to find the best in each place I dine in and write about that but our experience at PRIME was horrendous.

For mum's and sis's birthday (they share the same birthday!) we decided to dine at PRIME, Le Meridien. My mum had been looking forward to eating at PRIME as she had heard lots of good reviews about the food and service and what more, mum was a member of the Starwood Privilege Card holder which entitled her to 50% discount on food and 20% discount on beverages for a table for two.

Mum excitedly made a booking for a group of 8 to dine at PRIME. She had arranged that we all be seated close together (we were not able to sit on the same table as the Starwood card 50% discount is only available for a table for two). Call us kiasu or stingy if you wish but if there was 50% discount to be had why not?! We had been to many restuarants under the Starwood group that they had been able to put us side by side albeit under different table numbers.

When we arrived at PRIME we found that our group had been split up with two tables being side by side and the other two tables at different ends of the room. Mum and her friends took the table that was side by side and the rest of us made do with the two corner tables. Mum was slightly disappointed that they couldn't put us all in a row as there was a table for six that was empty and right next to her table.She spoke to the manager and told him that she was willing to forgo the 50% discount and if he could put us all together on the one table. He responded by saying that the table was reserved for someone else. By 9pm that table was still empty and in the end they split up the table and put another couple seated right next to mum's table. Ggrr she was furious! I'll leave it at that and I'll write about my experience at our corner table.  

Friday, September 23, 2011

12 things about tea your local dim sum restaurateur won't tell you

Dear Readers,

So sorry for the lack of postings this last month. You see, I've been crazy busy starting a new business venture with my friends whilst working full-time with my dad. Some people might say that I'm having it easy working in the family business but noo.. I'm on call 24/7! 
But don't worry dear readers I do intend to continue with my blog posts but you just have to be more patient with me as to the duration and frequency of postings. I am in the midst of writing one now but until then I leave you with this interesting article written by Virgina Lau from CNNGo