Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pompei's Bondi Beach

Ms Pleien was visiting from Singapore and was out shopping at the Bondi Markets accompanied by Mr C.  We decided (at the last minute) to meet up with the both of them for coffee when they said that they were famished and were sitting in Pompei's waiting for food. H and I thus made our way to Pompei's and join them for an afternoon snack of pizza and delicious gelato shakes.

As we got there Ms Pleien raved about the Pistachio Shake that she had ordered. She sounded so excited about her drink and as I so love pistachios that I ordered that too. When the waitress took my order she asked if I wanted milk with that and I said yes assuming that that was how it was made but I should have said no instead as I found the shake to be too milky. Also on our table was the Chocolate Shake and Dark Chocolate Shake (both pictured above). Both were super deliciously good. :)

Mr C's Oberhammer (I don't know what it means but doesn't that word sounds cool?). An Oberhammer is made up of pancetta, egg, mushrooms, tomato and fior di latte. When the dish arrived, I couldn't help staring at the egg in the middle of the pizza and was stopping myself from stabbing it with my fork to let all that egg yolk ooze out onto the pizza. Stabbing aside, the pizza was delicious. 

Ms Pleien's Pasta Special - Beetroot Ravioli. Ms Pleien loved this dish. She commented that the pasta was very well made and fresh; and that the unique combination of beetroot in ravioli delicious. (Side note: All pastas and pizza bases are made fresh by the chef's in the kitchen.) I didn't get a chance to taste this dish as Ms P ordered an entree size and it was indeed a tiny dish and I felt bad taking her food when she's not had lunch or breakfast! 

H and I ordered the Cortina ($19.80) which is made up of pancetta, mascarpone, mushrooms, tomato and fior di latte. A double dose of cheese here with the mascarpone and fior di latte which I think made the pizza really salty. I didn't like this at all but H thought it was OK. 

126 Roscoe Street
Bondi Beach NSW 2026

(02) 9365 1233


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I should get myself over there-your photos of the pizza look so good!

Betty said...

the oberhammer pizza looks amazing! i love the runny egg in the middle. so drool worthy. haha. and those gelato shakes! yum :)

foodie-central said...

Hi Lorraine - haha thanks for the compliment but I think it's all the restaurant.

Hi Betty - I know! I love how they stick a runny egg yolk in the middle of a pizza like it's a normal thing to do.