Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yum Cha @ Marigold

H and I haven't had yum cha in a while so one Saturday we decided to head down to Chinatown for a yum cha fix. Our first choice Zilver was packed full of people inside and out on the waiting area. We tried squeezing towards the lady at the counter calling out numbers to get our ticket but she was packed in by vultures; their beady eyes staring and making sure she didn't skip their number. Frustrated by these inconsiderate people blocking our path to the counter we headed off to Marigold.

When we arrived at Marigold, the place was packed too. At least the Marigold management had the decency to ensure a proper queue and wait system. We waited in line for less than 15 minutes  but noticed that it would have been quicker if we were a party of three or more people.

First dish off the push-cart was Chicken Bun. The bun was warm and spongy but there wasn't much chicken meat in there though :(

Next up were the deep fried scallops with mayonnaise on the side. These are my favourite. Crispy shell on the outside and tender moist scallops on the inside. The mayo here at Marigold is fantastic. It was light and airy; tangy but still kinda sweet.

Salt and pepper squid. The batter was light and crispy.. Yum!

Vegetarian Dumplings. This was a disappointment. I found the dumpling skin to be overly thick, masking the taste of the vegetables within. 

"Chee cheong fan" or prawn roll is one of my favourite dishes at yum cha. However the one at Marigold, similar to the vegetarian dumplings, had an overly thick flour wrapping which overpowered the prawns and light soy poured on top. 

Duck feet. We thought these were chicken feet at first but upon closer inspection realised that we had ordered the wrong dish. Well we're game for trying new things so we had a go at duck feet. From my first bite I knew that this was just not my cup of tea.   

Dessert time and my favourite; egg tarts! These were good except that they were cold. I've always loved Marigold's egg tarts. 

We also ordered the "tau fu fa". A pudding like dessert made from soy beans eaten hot or cold with sweetened ginger syrup. A good tau fu fa should be very smooth but the ones at Marigold were a huge disappointment. They were not smooth at all and were in fact quite bland.  

Citymark Building
Level 5, 683-689 George Street
Haymarket NSW 2000

(02) 9281 3388


NQN said...

I agree, you wouldn't want to mess with some of those people at the front! They look determined and ready to attack sometimes if you get their table :lol:

Great selection-we usually choose very similar thing (albeit with 4x orders of Har Gow) :P

foodie-central said...

NQN - We love har gow too but there wasn't any going pass our table so we went without :(