Monday, March 16, 2009

Pinangsia @ Kingsford

Pinangsia is a tiny Indonesian eatery located on Anzac Parade in Kingsford. My first visit was with a bunch of Indonesian friends who raved about this being one of the most authentic Indonesian food in Sydney. It is always a good sign when natives of the country actually frequent an eatery that serves their local food.  

Last Saturday we decided to head down to Pinangsia for lunch.

Bakso goreng here is the best, albeit on the oily side. The meatball has just the right combination of meat and flour thus creating a smooth textured meatball.  

H's mee tek tek (fried noodle) is made up of noodles stir fried with cabbage and chicken meat. It comes with a side of pickled cucumbers and carrots and topped with prawn crackers. This is really tasty.

I can't remember what this dish is called but it's a giant fish cake in a mixture of sweetened vinegar with a side of cucumber and noodles. Am not a big fan of this dish as I find that there's more flour then fish in this dish but H loves it. He gets this almost every time we come to eat here. 

Bakmi ayam is a noodle dish topped with braised shredded chicken and mushrooms. It usually comes with a bowl of clear soup and a deep fried wanton (the yellow wrinkly thing on the top). This afternoon, the chicken was actually pretty dry and there wasn't much mushroom in the dish. :(

319 Anzac Parade
Kingsford NSW 2022

(02) 9697 0788

Opens Wednesday - Sundays


NQN said...

Ooh I really like Pinangsia. Those balls are so delicious-I can still remember how they tasted. Oily yes but good! :)

foodie-central said...

Hello NQN --- Yes those balls are yummy!

Indonesia-Eats said...

The giant fishcake with vinagery sauce is called pempek. The cheapest pempek in the country will have less fish meat in it :D

I love pempek when it has more fish meat in it and sambal for sure for the sauce.

Anonymous said...

I love the balls with chopped chilli, and the sticky rice dish with choko and chicken... mmm balls!

Anonymous said...

i've been trying to replicate their Bakso Goreng meatballs, but am having trouble in how to get them nice and fluffy inside yet chewy on the outside. My theory is, that they must have some yeast in there and bake it first..then fry it. I've experimented on this a little with minimal success. anyone have any ideas or tips?