Monday, March 9, 2009

PC gone kaput

Hi guys,

Many apologies for not posting the past 2 weeks. My PC has gone kaput. Even though I've bought a mac (I'm loving it!) I'm still trying to learn to re-size pictures using apperture / iphotos. Any advise?

In the pasts 2 week I've been out to a number of eateries;
- Mini blogger gathering @ Lowenbrau
- Cafe Mix 2
- Pinangsia @ Kingsford
- Marigold

Stay tune for more updates - hopefully by the end of the week.


chocolatesuze said...

mmm i love my mac too! get photoshop!

Babydoll's Project 365 said...

hey how r u ??

i got a mac a few mths ago, i use photoshop, theres a batch operation where you can easily resize a whole bunch of fotos to one size - its some automate thing - SO EASY! you just set the size you want, where you want the resized fotos to be saved to - and press 'run'

so so sooo easy

foodie-central said...

Hi guys,

Suze - am thinking of it.. hehe especially after Betty's comments that you can resize a whole bunch of pics all together.

Betty - I am good other then staying late at work and my old PC going bust. :(
How are you?
Which version of photoshop does that? and do I have to get a special mac photoshop? I am really very bad at all this technology stuff.