Monday, March 23, 2009

Max Brenner @ Bondi Junction

Max Brenner have open it doors at Bondi Junction a few months ago. Although we are regulars at their city store H and I have yet to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate and waffles at the Bondi Junction store. 

This past Saturday, a group of us met for dinner and decided to head to Max Brenner at Bondi Junction for dessert. We rocked up just after 9-ish and the place was pretty quiet. The girls headed to the counter to order and I have to say we were non too impressed by the lady taking our orders. She was easily distracted and preferred chit chatting with her colleagues to taking down our orders.

Anyhoo, once we have placed our orders which included six glasses of water (which we did not receive) we headed back to the table excitedly awaiting our chocolate filled desserts.

My favourite drink at Max Brenner is the Italian Thick Dark Chocolate ($5.50). I love that it is so thick and chocolate-y. No watered down hot chocolate for me! 

SY ordered the Chocolate Dip ($8) with additional bananas ($1.80). Strawberries were slightly sour but still very yummy when dipped in chocolate.

Another of my favourites is the Chocolate Souffle ($9.50). This however was a disappointment as the chocolate sauce in the middle was still hard and cold :( They were also pretty stingy with the chocolate sauce drizzled on top.
And finally, a piece of Belgium Waffle ($5.00) with a side of strawberries ($2.50). Again I was disappointed by the lack of chocolate sauce drizzled on top even though I've asked for extra chocolate sauce. The waffle was also slightly too soft like it's been out for too long.

If you can't tell by now, I am a total chocolate addict! A question for you readers, is it just me with the constant complaint of "not enough chocolate sauce" or do ppl feel that way too? 

Max Brenner @ Bondi Junction
Shop 6007, Level 6, Westfield 
500 Oxford Street 
Bondi Junction 2022 NSW

Mon - Thurs - 9.30am - 11pm
Fri - 9.30am - 12 midnight
Sat - 9am - 12 midnight
Sun - 9am - 11pm

10% surcharge on weekends and public holidays


NQN said...

It's been ages since I went to Max Brenner but I do like the chocolate there. I have to agree there isn't a lot of chocolate on that waffle though especially since you asked for extra!

foodie-central said...

Hi NQN - I recently went to the MB in the city and they definitely serve waffles with more chocolate sauce compared with the Bondi Junction store!