Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tetsuya (part2)

Continuation from Tetsuya (part 1)

The start of the meat section;

Breast of Duck with Braised Witlof and Sansho topped with Walnut Jus. This was cooked to perfection, the meat was so delicate in taste; tender and juicy. I also loved the walnut jus. It was rich and comforting and brought out the natural flavour of the duck. It was also gorgeously presented. Don't you think so?

Ohh.. one of my favourite dishes of the night; Grass Fed Angus Beef with Asian Mushrooms. The beef slices were just the right thickness and cooked just right (medium rare) that it reminded me of eating quality beef tongue. First bite and the juices of the beef came forth like a dam bursting, causing all the natural beef juiciness to overflow over your tastebuds. Yes, the meat is that good. And, the Asian mushrooms were to die for. The flavours were just so very delicate, smooth and rich. I could eat this everyday and not get bored.

Palate cleansers - We were served Heidi Gruyere Cheese with Sweetened Lentils. The lentils reminded me of the Chinese red bean dessert and while I couldn't taste much of the Gruyere I think it added a creamy flavour to the lentils. Something very different but it did the trick of cleansing your tastebuds in readiness for desserts.

Desserts started with White Peach Sorbet w/ Champagne Jelly (left) and Tetsuya's version of Strawberry Shortcake (right). I'm not a big fan of peaches so I can't really say if the sorbet tasted like peach or not. However, the champagne jelly was fantastic. It tasted like real champagne; fizzies and all. I would love to get my hands on the recipe =)
For the strawberry shortcake we were instructed to mixed the two layers and cream (at the top) together before we ate them and wow!- I never thought strawberry shortcake could taste so heavenly.

Lemon Scented Floating Island with Vanilla Bean Anglaise. This was my first time eating meringue prepared in this way. It was soft and creamy and tasted like icing sugar (haha) I love the preserved lemon on the top but stopped at the grapefruit which was really sour (I'm not a big fan of sour foods). Although this dish wouldn't be my first choice if I had to choose a dessert for myself, it was still something very unique in taste and texture.

Last of the desserts; Chocolate Ganache with Green Tea and Red Bean. I love anything with chocolate and this didn't disappoint. The chocolate ganache was house in the chocolate spaceship atop the green tea and red bean chocolate rock formation at the bottom. The chocolate ganache was very very yummy due to the top quality chocolate used in making it. However, I didn't think that the chocolate green tea and red beans complemented the chocolate ganache. The chocolate ganache spaceship was rich and chocolate-ty while the green tea and red bean combo was much sweeter and lighter. I didn't think they went well together but H loved the combination. Maybe it's because I was so full (I was ready to throw up by this time) that I just couldn't eat another mouthful or even savour and taste properly which is a shame. For the first time, there was actually chocolate dessert left on the plate when it was taken away by the waitstaff!

We ended the night with petit fours. I was really very full by this time and my tummy was about to explode but how can I resist not having these. From left to right:
Chocolate and Pink Peppercorn Macaroons with Lemon Curd. I put the whole thing in my mouth (well they were tiny) and got a mouthful of sour lemon curd! But after a while, when the rich chocolate and peppercorn were well mixed with the lemon curd they actually tasted really nice. A good combination, but be prepared for a dose of sourness on the first bite.
Next was the Green Tea Marshmallow. I've never tried a green tea flavoured marshmallow before and it was actually pretty good. The marshmallow however was not as spongy as normal marshmallows. It was light and soft yet creamy to the bite.
The third from left, I can't recall what it was called but it had hazelnuts (I think or some kind of nuts) rolled in palm sugar dough and coated with dessicated coconut. H says that it reminded him of a Malay dessert from Singapore / Malaysia - coconut candy!
The last of the petit fours was the Macadamia biscuit. The crumbly kind that melts in your mouth. Very yummy.

The night lasted 4 hours and cost us $547 in total which is made up of 2 degustation menu ($195 ea), 1 accompanying wine degustation ($90), 1 plate consisting of 2 oysters ($9), 2 sparkling mineral water ($8ea) and 2 cocktails ($42 for the two).

I've never been to any other top 10 restaurants in the world so I can't really say if he is indeed worthy of being one of the top chef and restaurant of our time but to me he has the best food I've tasted so far. I would love to go back again (another year or two of saving) but this time I will have to figure out an eating game plan that won't make me feel like throwing up by the end of the night.

529 Kent Street
NSW 200


NQN said...

Wow, what a lovely birthday and pre Valentines Day surprise and a belated Happy Birthday! :) What an amazing meal - what is Sloeberry like? I've never heard of it! And how delicious do those dessert courses sound and look!

foodie-central said...

Thank you :) The food there was marvelous! There's a sloeberry bomb recipe online. Check out: