Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Napoli In Bocca

Napoli In Bocca is a family run restaurant situated just off Ramsay Street. It's a popular place so be sure to make a booking. We rocked up at 4pm to make a booking for 6pm dinner and was told that they could fit us in if we left by 7pm!

6pm sharp and we were at the front of Napoli waiting to be seated. Once seated and food ordered we took in the decor of the place. What stands out most was the table setting and the red and white checked table cloth... so quaint..

Carnavale Pizza($18) - If my memory serves me right the pizza consists of ham, mushroom, olives... hmm.... OK I have to admit, I've forgotten what's actually in the pizza and the 3 ingredient stated above were actually what I could make out from the pic above :) But I definitely remembered that there were more then 3 ingredients in the pizza! And it was an AWESOME pizza - simple, fresh ingredients and a light pizza base.

We also ordered the Linguine Vongole ($20) which was on their Specials for that night. It looked huge with equal number of pasta and vongole. The dish was simple, rustic and delicious.

Last dish of the night was the chilli mussels ($22) that came with a basket of bread. The tomato sauce was tasty but not the best I've tasted. Mussels were fresh as expected from the quality of the other dishes.

This place is a real find. We had the 3 dishes above and a litre of house wine and only ended up paying $25 each. Great food at really good value.

Napoli In Bocca
73 Dalhousie Street
Haberfield NSW 2045


Babydoll's Project 365 said...

Hello Daphne!!

Betty here :)

Rick said Haberfield had authentic italian food (better then leidchardt, and cheaper too!!)

we went to dolcissimo last friday (food review not done yet) but yes you have to go back there for the food it worked out to be $25 each we had two pizza's, one pasta, two deserts, and we BYO a bottle of red brown brothers muscato (yummy)

NQN said...

I have yet to eat in a Haberfield restaurant but I want to rectify that soon! It looks great and I like how there's enough vongole to match the pasta :)

foodie-central said...

Hi Betty - yes heard the same thing from my Italian friends as well. We're planning to go back again for a bday dinner :) Looking forward to reading about your experience at Dolcissimo.

Hi NQN - Napoli has huge servings. Well worth the money!

Anonymous said...

I have never been to a restaurant where I have been criticized aggressively & repetitively for ordering a latte, then have the order forgotten, then criticized for the kind of shirt I'm wearing (Morrissey) while being given the latte. I & my whole table were disgusted.

My main was average (went on a Saturday night), had the ham & pineapple pizza & the starter salad was more like something you would make at home, served in a salad bowl you would not use for guests.

It seemed like the kind of place that if you weren't Italian or were not in with the people who worked there, of whom some didn't speak English, you were likely to have a mediocre to bad experience. Ironically, my friends who have visited before said that tonight has been the best service so far.

I'm sure this place is only surviving because of the network of local Italian families.

Save yourself the trouble, money & insults. There’s much much better out there.