Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gozleme @ Birkenhead Point

I've been wanting to go to Birkenhead Point (known as BP from here onwards) for a while now as I needed to buy clothes for work. Our other purpose of going there was to eat gozleme from the Gozleme Shop at BP. They open up shop about a year or two ago (I can't really recall now when they started up at BP) but they are actually the same people that sold Gozleme in Glebe Markets. The stall in Glebe is no longer running since they are here now and doing really well too I might add.

We arrived at BP during lunch time, 1pm, and there was already a snaking line of about 10 people at the Gozleme store and more joining in every minute. We dutifully stood in line and peruse the board. There were 4 different types of filling one could get in one's Gozleme; Chicken, Beef, Sausages and Potatoes (Vegetarian option). H decided on Chicken and I got the Sausage.

They never disappoint in quality and taste. The pastry was crisp on the outside but still chewy and warm on the inside. The mince chicken was very tasty and went nicely with the spinach, cheese and pastry.

I decided to get the sausage filling as I've never tried this type of filling before. The sausage tasted like Spanish salami and adding it into Gozleme, it tasted exactly like pizza. I enjoyed eating this but I still prefer the chicken filling as it's less salty and oily.

Gozleme @ Birkenhead Point
Roseby Street
Drummoyne NSW 2047


NQN said...

I love gozleme but haven't seen these other flavours (as I mostly have them at Kirribilli markets). I really want to try the chicken and salami now!

chocolatesuze said...

hey dude i couldnt find your email address on your blog so can you email me? susanATchocolatesuzeDOTcom

foodie-central said...

Hi NQN - I've not tried the gozleme in Kirribilli but the ones at Birkenhead are really good :)

Hey Suze - I'm craving the pork knuckle even though I only had a tiny bite from yours...

Blogette said...

Yeah, I totally agree. I go to Birkenehead Point Gozleme at least once a month. I ask for a mix - chicken and potato. you must try it. (Yum!)

Blogette said...

PS - I also saw them making a banana one. I haven't tried it yet - will next time! :)

foodie-central said...

Hi EJ - Cool! Thanks for the info. I will try that the next time I'm there. :)

betty said...

oh i LOVE the gozleme at glebe markets - & its still there!!

i haven't been to birkinhead point before.. but now i know they have the same fav gozleme, i might plan a trip :)