Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dolcissimo Ristorante

After our scrumptious dinner at Napoli In Bocca we headed down Ramsay Street to Dolcissimo in search of something that will cure us of our sweet tooth as well as coffee / hot chocolate. The restaurant itself was full with dinner patrons when we walked in but that didn't stop them from welcoming us warmly in for just desserts and coffee. What great and friendly service!

They had an array of cakes and biscuit goodies but we decided on the 3 flavour gelato in a cup ( $5.50) instead as we were just stuff full from the other place.

We choose from left to right; Chocolate, Pistachio and Blueberry flavoured gelato.
The chocolate sorbet was really rich and chocolate-y. In fact, it was actually richer and more chocolate-y compared to Gelatomessina's version of chocolate sorbet! The pistachio flavour however was not as good as I expected. There was no taste or hint of pistachio other then the colour. It also had a very distinct almond taste. Blueberry gelato tasted just like bubblegum! hehe That brought me down memory lane to when I was still a young 10 year old pestering my mum to buy me all the different flavoured bubblegum.

Hot Chocolate ($3.50) was pretty good. It was very chocolate-y!

This place was packed full with patrons. Even when we left at 9pm people were still coming in for dinner. We decided that we would have to come back one day to try the food.


Babydoll's Project 365 said...

we were too full for any coffee or anything, but we want to come back for icecream/gelato!!

we tried the tiramisu and strawberries & cream (OMG THE BEST TIRAMISUUUUUUU)

NQN said...

I know what you mean about pistachio gelato tasting like almond. When we went to the Italian Festa I bought one that tasted like almond too. Sooo disappointed!

lozzmann said...

Next time you are in Haberfield, you should try Papas, diagonally across from Dolcissimo.

My favourite is the ricotta cannoli and baked ricotta cake. Their coffee is rubbish though.

The arancini and pizza is yummy too.


foodie-central said...

Hi Lawrie - Thanks for the tip! :) I remember walking pass this place and thought the desserts looked delicious but they were closing up :(