Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pho Hoang Gia

I've been really bad at posting this past week. Have had some problems with my notebook (am shopping for a new one but with a very tight budget) thus the late postings. Sorry guys...

We were at Pho Hoang Gia, Flemington, a week ago from today and the memory of that lunch are still fresh in my mind. That says a lot about the food eh? H and I use to frequent this place almost twice a month when he was living in Rhodes but since he's moved this is our first time back after 2 years. The place is still pretty much the same; the food still tastes the same, no change in the decor or the people working behind the counter.

I love the pho (beef noodle soup) here. The broth is just right and the beef slices lightly pink just the way I like it. However, after a discussion with my Vietnamese colleague about food in Flemington she tells me that Flemington's Vietnamese cuisine is not authentic as they are made by Vietnamese-Chinese thus the taste is slightly different from what she eats at home. I still love it here though. Try to find out for yourselves.

We started off with prawn spring rolls. The prawn rolls here are great. They are filled with generous amounts of tasty prawn cake (the same as fish cake, but done with prawns instead of fish).

MM ordered the fried chicken and broken rice with an additional fried egg on top. She loves it so much that even after a week has gone past she's still dreaming about it!

H got his favourite vermicelli with grilled pork and spring rolls. We've tried this at a few places and this is one of the best.

Last Saturday's 39'C was just too hot for me to order the usual; pho, so I got the pork chops with broken rice instead. The pork chops here are really tasty; marinated with generous amounts of lemongrass, garlic and fish sauce.

Overall, this is a great place to go on a lazy Afternoon, offering great value for money dishes. They also have air conditioning which is really important when it's 39'C outside!

Pho Hoang Gia
2/98 The Crescent
Flemington NSW 2140


NQN said...

I love Vietnamese food but I think I'm one of the few ppl that don't really like Pho although hubby adores it. No matter though as I do love everything else though and the bun salad and broken rice are my favourites so I get those while he gets Pho. Good to know that they do a good bun. Thanks for the recommendation! :)

foodie-central said...

NQN - you're more then welcome. :)