Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year dear readers…

Here's to another year filled with good food and great company.

My first blog for 2009 is not a review of a restaurant or even a cafe, it is actually our new year's
eve dinner. H and I decided to create our own dinner for two which was a great end to a fantastic year and the start of the new year.

We started of with French onion soup. I used onions, white wine, thyme, bay leaf and chicken stock to make the soup. For the bread I used sour dough (as that was what we had at home at the time) and home made herb butter followed by cheese on top. However, as I had to share the oven with H's roast lamb which was roasting at an even 165'C the cheese didn't melt and brown in time before I had to take it out.

We followed the soup with a smoked salmon and cucumber combo. We usually make this as an entree when we have people over and have had great feedback with them. Start of with cucumber as a base, put two drops of Japanese mayo followed by smoked salmon layered on top. I've added some dill for added presentation.

The lamb took ages to cook but it was all worth the wait. The meat was succulent and full of flavour.

For dessert I melted some lindt 70% dark chocolate with their chilli chocolate. Once melted, I added some cream and finely crushed nuts and spread it out on baking paper. I should have planned this better and got some cake molds as well so that the chocolate would have a proper shape. The dessert didn't turn out as well as I hoped in the end and I didn't have the heart to take any pictures after that. Sorry!

The next day; New Year's Day.

The leftover lamb was made into a Lamb Ragu cooked with bortolli beans. Yum Yum
With a side of rocket salad and Parmesan cheese on top drizzled with a balsamic dressing (ala Cafe Sopra).
Finally ending with cheese, crackers, nuts and grapes.

Sorry for the long long posts. I just couldn't decide between starting another post for the leftovers which we made into new year's day dinner or to posts them all in one as it is kind of a continuation. I guess you know which one won even though the second day dinner is a total meal by itself.

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