Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cafe Mix, Shangri La

We so love our 'We Love Sydney' card. What great bargains especially during this time of economic slowdown where H and I have had to cut down on eating out. 

Our latest dining experience was at Cafe Mix, Shangri La. Dinner buffet on Fridays and Sundays are $68 pp while Saturdays will set you back $85. Am not sure why the huge price difference between Fridays and Saturdays as they serve lobsters on both these days but not on other days of the week. Be prepared to book at least a week in advance though as we tried booking on a Wednesday for Friday dinner and it was fully booked and so had to come back the following Friday.  

Our party of four was seated right next to the fresh seafood section. Big smiles on our faces as we sat down and right across from us the lobsters were being refilled.
Once seated and drinks ordered, the gals head straight for the lobsters. hehe. Lobsters were fresh and meaty but I still craved the chinese style lobster cooked in ginger and shallot sauce. I still managed to consume 4 halves of lobster though :)

Pictures of the salad and sushi stand. I have to admit I didn't have anything from this section at all.

Even though they had 4 sections for different cuisines; Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Italian, the majority of dishes were all Chinese. I counted 2 Indian dishes which were Lamb Korma and Pilaf rice and pappadums. One roast beef which I guess goes under the Italian section? Non existent Japanese section unless you count the sushi on the salad stand. We saw the Japanese chef wrapping the peking duck under the Japanese stand and enjoying it too. He was very popular as the peking duck was really good. Hoisin sauce was very yummy. We asked the friendly waitress why the emphasis on Chinese cuisine and she told us that it's because of the Chinese New Year special celebration promotion. As part of the celebration they had a lion dance, followed by a couple playing traditional Chinese instruments and another couple with a Chinese calligraphy stand.
The buffet was a great success as there were a few stand out dishes. I love the peking duck, steamed whole fish (they had 2 types of fish one of which I think was coral trout) in soya and spring onion, Singapore chilli crab, and this tiger prawn dish cooked in a creamy sauce. They also had home-made BBQ pork, steamed dim sum, noodles and winter-melon soup. 

Lets get to the dessert. I was really excited about the dessert after looking at pics from chocolatesuze blog and from walking pass the dessert stand to our table. Sadly, the dessert wasn't much to shout about. The chocolate fondue was really really sweet and the strawberries really really sour. There were a few varieties of cakes which was good. My favourite being the baked cheesecake and the chocolate mud cake a close second. 

Cafe Mix, Shangri La Hotel
Level 1, 176 Cumberland Street
The Rocks NSW


NQN said...

Thanks for the review and for reminding me of this! :) I love lobster so I keep meaning to go and use my We Love Sydney card :)

chocolatesuze said...

oh no that chocolate fountain looks so miserable! the lobster looks good tho!

foodie-central said...

Hihi.. Happy Australia Day!

NQN: remember to book in advance. I think everyone is making use of the We Love Sydney card as it was packed the night we were there.

chocolatesuze: Your pics on the deserts looked so good that I was kinda disappointed when I saw the one they had there on Friday. hehe.. but we've already made plans to go back again with some other friends haha..