Wednesday, December 31, 2008

H's Pineapple Fried Rice

We had two whole pineapples sitting on the kitchen counter; leftovers from our first Christmas dinner, which we couldn't decide what to do with. H searched the internet for recipes and decided to make Thai Pineapple Fried Rice. Simple and easy which means less washing up for me to do. ;)

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Wagaya. Where shall I start? A number of friends and colleagues have recommended that we try Wagaya for it's food, efficient service and it's unique ordering system (you order via a touch screen monitor). We've been meaning to give it a try and finally did on the 26th December to celebrate a friend's birthday. Bday girl had booked a private room for the 9 of us. The room was very cosy with a huge LCD TV (Foxtel) for our viewing pleasure.

Wagaya has an extensive menu of Japanese cuisine. We ordered so many dishes that I lost track of what they were called so please forgive me if the names on the pictures are different from what they are on the menus. I also failed to take pictures of all the dishes we ordered as everyone was famished and the food got gobbled down before I could say STOP, pictures first.
We started off with raw octopus. They were surprisingly sweet!
We ordered this dish by mistake thinking it was something else but it's actually yummy. It's deep fried chicken with an egg base on a sizzling plate.
My favourite; the sashimi and sushi plate. I particularly loved the scallop sashimi.
Soft shell crab salad. The soft shell crab was pretty good but I have tasted better.
Salmon Hotpot. The salmon was really fresh cooked in a miso soup base.
I was too late to get a picture of this dish fully intact, but these were good. I can't remember what it's called or what the fillings were but they were really generous with the tobiko.
Tempura Unagi. We got this because we've never tried unagi as a tempura dish but these were great. I highly recommend this dish.
Vegetable Tempura. Ordinary
Seafood hotpot (miso soup base). Similar to the salmon hotpot.
Salmon Skin Age - deep fried salmon skin. Yummmm. Can we get some beer in here? Pleasseee..
Okonomiyaki - pretty good but a bit too much cheese for me.
Prawn Salad - I didn't manage to score a taste of the prawns but the salad dressing was yummy.
Chicken dish - I have no idea what this dish is called but it looks like karaage. The chicken was tasty and juicy.
I think this is called the rainbow roll. Didn't manage to try this either but am sure it is good.
umm.... I'm not sure what this is ? It could be soft shell crab or deep fried chicken?

At the end of the night, we were all very satisfied with the food, service and watching "Catch Me If You Can" over dinner. The night costs us $40 each as the bill came out to $357 which includes a 5% surcharge for dining on a public holiday and an extra $30 private room charge.

Level 1, 78-86 Harbour Street
Haymarket NSW 2000

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Xmas Dinner No.2

Xmas Dinner, 25th December 2008:
I'll let the pictures do the talking....

Wine and Strawberries
Garlic Bread
Chilli Mussels
Bruschetta Pizza - Yum!
Roast Turkey
Roast Vegies
Prawn & Mushroom Pasta
Chocolate Coated Pretzel
Guylian Chocolate Coffee Cake - not as good as Lindt tiramisu though

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ichiban-Boshi (Galleries Victoria) 2

We find ourselves at Ichiban Boshi on Christmas Eve, a detour from last minute xmas shopping to fill up our stomachs. There wasn't much of a crowd compared to how busy they normally are which is a nice change.

H got his favourites Hiyashi Chuka; which is indeed refreshing and light. However these are only on the menu during summer months so get down there soon if you love cold noodles.

Every time we are here I get the tokyo ramen but this time I got the Unagi-ju instead. I am very fussy when it comes to unagi as I don't like it overly marinated, whereby they smother the eel in sauce and all you taste is the marinate, which is quite common in many restaurants / eateries in Sydney. Ichiban Boshi does not disappoint however, my first time ordering this dish and I loveee it. The eel was tender, juicy and delicately marinated. The dish also comes with a bowl of miso soup, a tiny saucer of pickles and a saucer of mash potatoes.

Ichiban Boshi
Galleries Victoria
Level 2, 500 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sushi Express

Recommended by a sushi fanatic this place really does have excellent sushi. It's a tiny, cosy eatery that is easily missed if you do not know what to look out for. (Look for stairs heading down from the main road. It's the only one like that)

H and I walked in at 11.45am on a Sunday morning and they were just starting up. There were not many varieties on the sushi train as yet but we were warmly greeted and shown to our seats.
Our first choice was 3 tear drop shaped sushi filled with tuna and avocado. We suspect the yellow-ish sauce rolled in with the fillings are a mixed of chilli or something spicy and mayo. Yum!
Next up was this salmon and avocado rolled in tobiko. The salmon was very fresh and was of a good size.
H loved this dish. I can't comment as I don't eat oysters but he swears this is the best. It is totally different from a mornay even though it looks like one. H comments are "It's not like a normal mornay as it's not cooked / grilled till dry. The oyster is still really juicy." H suspect that the sushi master used the heat from the rice (yes, theres rice in there) and a short grilling time to maintain it's moistness that still warms up the dish. The top was drizzled with teriyaki sauce.

As we tried many dishes; all delicious. I'll post the pictures and you can judge for yourselves.

Salmon Nigri
Prawn Roll
Seared Salmon (not as good as Azuma though)
Salmon, Avocado, Spanish Onion and Ikura (salmon roe)

We were very happy with the prices as well. Lunch for the both of us costs $38, including 2 green teas, and we were stuffed full.

Sushi Express
Unit 1, 53-55 Spring Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Breakfast in Bed

H made me breakfast in bed! :) so sweet.
He calls this his fusion dish of Roti Prata with Scrambled Eggs. It is surprisingly good.

Xmas Dinner No.1

Every year my friends and I gather together for xmas dinner(s). Each person brings a dish(es) based on a pre-planned allocated category ie. entrees, mains etc.

For entrees we had glorious, milky, rich cheese. We had Camembert, Apricot Cream Cheese Roll, Aged Cheddar and one other cheese which I forgot what it was called. No pictures though as everyone was famished and attacked the cheese board once everything was on board.

C made a gorgeous salad of mixed leafs, pumpkin and ricotta, with a drizzle of cranberry infused olive oil dressing. Refreshingly light and tasty!

For mains, H made lamb shanks. He cooked it in the oven with lentils, beef stock and lots of red wine ;) The end result; exquisite taste, fall off the bone at a single touch texture and just gloriously yummy.
SK and F's early bout with shoppers at Flemington Markets see them bringing a whole huge box filled with fruits. The mangoes were nice and sweet and the best bit was that SK and F had already peeled and cut them into bite size slices (bless them). They also bought a 3.5kg box of cherries for $15! How cheap is that. Also in the box were two pineapples and a rockmelon. At the end of the night we still have a box full of fruits.

Ice cream!! P brought 8 individually packed Green Tea flavoured ice cream. Yummy...

A mini break (kris kringle) to rest our stomachs before the finale; dessert!
Ben made chocolate brownies with his home-made chocolate sauce. We used the leftover cherries to decorate. Yuummm... chocolate.....

A good start to the xmas festivities...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fiesta on Oxford

This is my second time here (first time was for a birthday) and the food was as delicious as ever. They do a mean sangria too. I love the decor here at Fiesta as it is just so welcoming and cosy. Particularly love the tiled wooden tables (how does one describe tables that has tiles on them?) and tiled mirror frames. Service was a little hit and miss though but who cares when the food is good.
Isn't this place cosy?

H got the sizzling chicken and beef fajitas which he got the previous time we were here and it is the best! It comes with 3 tortilla which you use as a base. You take the tortilla, spread guacamole and sour cream, and top with the chicken, beef and vegies; wrap them all up and ready to be gobbled down.
I decided to try something different and got the Smoked Salmon Sincros with Fiesta Salad. The smoked salmon sincros is made by putting smoked salmon, cheese and avocado between two flour tortillas, then toasted. The Fiesta salad though was the best! It has a unique cheesy/sour-ish (from lemons? I can't tell) dressing tossed with mixed leaf salad, tomatoes, kumara, avocado and spanish onions.
A meal is never complete without dessert. I am a total dessert (chocolate, pastries, cake) loving person. We got the chocolate mousse and churros. The chocolate mousse was a bit too heavy for my liking but maybe because we were too full?

This place has the best churros around. The churros are made in-house. It came up piping hot; crispy on the outside and dough-y on the inside with sprinked cinnamon powder on top. The only downside is that you pay $6.50 for two little churros. Apologies for not posting a picture of the churros as it was dark in there and the picture didn't turn out as well as I hoped.

Fiesta on Oxford
306 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2002

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sushi Suma

H and I decided to head down to Sushi Suma for dinner, if we can get a place that is! Look at the queue 5 minutes to opening time?
We managed to score a table for 2 by the corner, squashed between the wall and a table of 10.

Even before seating, we spy this cold noodles dish on the table ready for us. We quickly decided on our orders; 2 set dinner please, and started on the starter. The cold noodles was a bit too sour-ish for my liking. Too liberal use of vinegar in this dish.
First of 5 dishes from the dinner set to land on our table is the Agadashi Tofu. I must say that I've tasted better. The flour coated layer was too crunchy for my liking and the sauce just mediocre.
2/5 - Chicken Yakitori. The chicken was chunky and juicy, with generous amounts of Japanese Chilli Powder seasoning sprinkled on top. The sauce was slightly too overpowering for my taste but still tasty.
3/5 - Sashimi Boat. The salmon 'melt-in-your-mouth' belly was soooo delicious. Tuna was very fresh too. However, nothing spectacular as you can get equally good sashimi at a number of places in Sydney.

4a/5 - Sushi Plate. This is where H and I differ in our dinner choice for the night. H got the tempura set while I got the Sushi. The best out of the lot is the Unagi followed by the Tuna and Avocado roll (the 3 tiny rolls on the bottom right of the picture). I also love the Tamagoyaki nigri. The egg omelette was light and sweet.
4b/5 - Tempura. A very generous assortment of tempura; prawn tempura (3 pcs), salmon tempura (1pc), kingfish tempura (1pc) and the assorted vegetable tempura. One of the better places for tempura as the batter was light and crispy.
5/5 - Vanilla Ice Cream with Azuki Beans and Cereal topped with Green Tea Sauce. Seriously yummy. The combination of Azuki beans and green tea never fails. The cereal adds a nice crunch too it too.

I don't see the hype of Sushi Suma in terms of the quality of food (maybe we didn't order the right dishes?) but I do admit it is good value for money. Portions are huge here.

Sushi Suma
421 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010