Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christy Seafood, Fish Market

Cravings for sashimi and lobster see H and I scurrying to the Sydney Fish Market on this beautiful Sunday morning. We arrived at 11am which gave us the freedom to buy our brunch at a leisurely pace, and not the usual rush you will be in if you came in an hour later, hounded by scores of tourists and fish market enthusiats or maybe they just went to the beach instead?

Christy Seafood has the best sashimi in the place. The salmon sashimi is always fresh and creamy.Salt and pepper calamari. One of my favourite ways to cook squid. The ones here at Christy are of a good size - the type where you can sink your teeth into. Crispy and not too salty.
Next up, Chilli and Garlic Scallop. Scallops are fresh and juicy as what you would expect from the fish market. Yummy!
We also got the lobster, prawn and smoked salmon plate for $25.90. The smoked salmon was fabulous. It tastes so much better then the ones you get at the supermarket even though you pay the same price. Lobster was very fresh and meaty. We didn't get to try the prawns as we were stuffed just finishing up the rest of the food so we brought it home instead for another meal.
Sydney Fish Market
Pyrmont Bridge Road
Pyrmont NSW 2009

Kaizen BBQ

It has been ages since H and I visited Macquarie Centre and what a change (in terms of food choices and restaurants) a year has been since we were last there. The main entrance into Macquarie Centre up until the cinemas are now filled with a variety of restaurants and cafes. We were spoilt for choice as we wondered up and down the entrance way deciding what we were gonna have for dinner.

We finally decided on Kaizen BBQ as they had a wagyu sirloin beef special for $16.50 (usual price $25.60) and what a good thing we did. The meat was soo rich and tender, and super delicious. The owner told us that their wagyu are a grade 9. Yum!We also ordered the chicken, which was nicely marinated and tasty. But of course the main star of the night was the wagyu beef.
The seafood pancake was pretty bad actually. The batter wasn't mixed very well thus some part of the pancake were overly crispy and the other soggy and thick. Also, they were quite stingy with the fillings.
Overall, I will recommend their BBQ dishes, however, serving sizes here are pretty tiny (just look at the pics).

Kaizen BBQ
Store 408, Macquarie Centre
Corner of Herring and Waterloo Roads
North Ryde NSW 2113

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Saamnara Korean Restaurant

One of our favourite haunts for Korean food. It's situated a wee bit out of our way in Stratfield, as we're inner-city dwellers, but we make it a point to come back every few months or when we have visitors. I know 30 minutes drive is not considered far for some but it is to me. OK enough about that, let's start with the food.

For entree we ordered the Seafood Pancake. Saamnara is very generous with their seafood. The pancake was filled with octopus and mussels. The batter, just the right consistency, not too light or too heavy and seasoned to perfection.
Seafood Pancake

They do a mean Spicy Fish Roe Hot Pot. The soup is very tasty that at the end of the meal I (embarrassingly) tilt the pot so that I can get the last remnants of soup.
Spicy Fish Roe Hot Pot

I also love the Chilli Pork Bulgogi which you cook yourself at the table in a sizzling plate contraption (pictured below). Once the pork is cooked you eat it by wrapping it in lettuce or mint leaves which are provided. They are just as good by themselves.
Chilli Pork Bolgogi

Another one of my favourites is the Raw Chilli Crab. Raw blue swimmer marinated in a chilli concoction. Really yummy. They don't serve this all the time though especially if it's been raining the night before and there's no fresh blue swimmer to get a hold off.
Raw Chilli Crab

The rest of the food we've tried are good too (pictured below). The above are just my favourites.

Spicy Sausage and Ham Hot Pot
I can't remember what this dish is called. It's thinly sliced beef cooked on this contraption where the juices will fall to the side and you can drink it like soup. Tasty!
Side Dishes

Warning : When they say spicy they really do mean it. Not for the faint-hearted.

Shop 70 / 11 Boulevarde
Strathfield NSW 2135