Monday, December 22, 2008

Xmas Dinner No.1

Every year my friends and I gather together for xmas dinner(s). Each person brings a dish(es) based on a pre-planned allocated category ie. entrees, mains etc.

For entrees we had glorious, milky, rich cheese. We had Camembert, Apricot Cream Cheese Roll, Aged Cheddar and one other cheese which I forgot what it was called. No pictures though as everyone was famished and attacked the cheese board once everything was on board.

C made a gorgeous salad of mixed leafs, pumpkin and ricotta, with a drizzle of cranberry infused olive oil dressing. Refreshingly light and tasty!

For mains, H made lamb shanks. He cooked it in the oven with lentils, beef stock and lots of red wine ;) The end result; exquisite taste, fall off the bone at a single touch texture and just gloriously yummy.
SK and F's early bout with shoppers at Flemington Markets see them bringing a whole huge box filled with fruits. The mangoes were nice and sweet and the best bit was that SK and F had already peeled and cut them into bite size slices (bless them). They also bought a 3.5kg box of cherries for $15! How cheap is that. Also in the box were two pineapples and a rockmelon. At the end of the night we still have a box full of fruits.

Ice cream!! P brought 8 individually packed Green Tea flavoured ice cream. Yummy...

A mini break (kris kringle) to rest our stomachs before the finale; dessert!
Ben made chocolate brownies with his home-made chocolate sauce. We used the leftover cherries to decorate. Yuummm... chocolate.....

A good start to the xmas festivities...

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