Sunday, December 28, 2008


Wagaya. Where shall I start? A number of friends and colleagues have recommended that we try Wagaya for it's food, efficient service and it's unique ordering system (you order via a touch screen monitor). We've been meaning to give it a try and finally did on the 26th December to celebrate a friend's birthday. Bday girl had booked a private room for the 9 of us. The room was very cosy with a huge LCD TV (Foxtel) for our viewing pleasure.

Wagaya has an extensive menu of Japanese cuisine. We ordered so many dishes that I lost track of what they were called so please forgive me if the names on the pictures are different from what they are on the menus. I also failed to take pictures of all the dishes we ordered as everyone was famished and the food got gobbled down before I could say STOP, pictures first.
We started off with raw octopus. They were surprisingly sweet!
We ordered this dish by mistake thinking it was something else but it's actually yummy. It's deep fried chicken with an egg base on a sizzling plate.
My favourite; the sashimi and sushi plate. I particularly loved the scallop sashimi.
Soft shell crab salad. The soft shell crab was pretty good but I have tasted better.
Salmon Hotpot. The salmon was really fresh cooked in a miso soup base.
I was too late to get a picture of this dish fully intact, but these were good. I can't remember what it's called or what the fillings were but they were really generous with the tobiko.
Tempura Unagi. We got this because we've never tried unagi as a tempura dish but these were great. I highly recommend this dish.
Vegetable Tempura. Ordinary
Seafood hotpot (miso soup base). Similar to the salmon hotpot.
Salmon Skin Age - deep fried salmon skin. Yummmm. Can we get some beer in here? Pleasseee..
Okonomiyaki - pretty good but a bit too much cheese for me.
Prawn Salad - I didn't manage to score a taste of the prawns but the salad dressing was yummy.
Chicken dish - I have no idea what this dish is called but it looks like karaage. The chicken was tasty and juicy.
I think this is called the rainbow roll. Didn't manage to try this either but am sure it is good.
umm.... I'm not sure what this is ? It could be soft shell crab or deep fried chicken?

At the end of the night, we were all very satisfied with the food, service and watching "Catch Me If You Can" over dinner. The night costs us $40 each as the bill came out to $357 which includes a 5% surcharge for dining on a public holiday and an extra $30 private room charge.

Level 1, 78-86 Harbour Street
Haymarket NSW 2000

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betty said...

i love their ordering system, and super fast service

although i think they are abit too westernized, i was still very satisfied (even being a vegetarian hehe)