Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sushi Suma

H and I decided to head down to Sushi Suma for dinner, if we can get a place that is! Look at the queue 5 minutes to opening time?
We managed to score a table for 2 by the corner, squashed between the wall and a table of 10.

Even before seating, we spy this cold noodles dish on the table ready for us. We quickly decided on our orders; 2 set dinner please, and started on the starter. The cold noodles was a bit too sour-ish for my liking. Too liberal use of vinegar in this dish.
First of 5 dishes from the dinner set to land on our table is the Agadashi Tofu. I must say that I've tasted better. The flour coated layer was too crunchy for my liking and the sauce just mediocre.
2/5 - Chicken Yakitori. The chicken was chunky and juicy, with generous amounts of Japanese Chilli Powder seasoning sprinkled on top. The sauce was slightly too overpowering for my taste but still tasty.
3/5 - Sashimi Boat. The salmon 'melt-in-your-mouth' belly was soooo delicious. Tuna was very fresh too. However, nothing spectacular as you can get equally good sashimi at a number of places in Sydney.

4a/5 - Sushi Plate. This is where H and I differ in our dinner choice for the night. H got the tempura set while I got the Sushi. The best out of the lot is the Unagi followed by the Tuna and Avocado roll (the 3 tiny rolls on the bottom right of the picture). I also love the Tamagoyaki nigri. The egg omelette was light and sweet.
4b/5 - Tempura. A very generous assortment of tempura; prawn tempura (3 pcs), salmon tempura (1pc), kingfish tempura (1pc) and the assorted vegetable tempura. One of the better places for tempura as the batter was light and crispy.
5/5 - Vanilla Ice Cream with Azuki Beans and Cereal topped with Green Tea Sauce. Seriously yummy. The combination of Azuki beans and green tea never fails. The cereal adds a nice crunch too it too.

I don't see the hype of Sushi Suma in terms of the quality of food (maybe we didn't order the right dishes?) but I do admit it is good value for money. Portions are huge here.

Sushi Suma
421 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010


Howard said...

Your right, the value is excellent especially the set menu. The quality is 'ok', but for the price it's fantastic!

muse-r said...

Hi Howard,
Yea the food is so-so. Kinda felt like the kitchen was a factory line churning out food without the personal touch!