Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

Recommendation from a colleague at work see H and I make out way to Ashfield to try out the New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant. First impression upon entering this place is it's cleanliness. This must be one of the cleanest Chinese eatery we've been too and also one with friendly and courteous staff. Back to the food, H and I ordered 3 dishes between us; Siew Long Pau, Steamed Dumplings, and Pan-Fried Pork Bun.

This is one of the best siew long pau / steamed pork bun (as described on the menu) I've ever had in Sydney. Upon first bite your mouth is filled with deliciously tasty jus (is that what you call it?) flavoured by the pork and ginger used in the filling. The skin, smooth and light. I can eat a whole plate on my own.

Fillings of the Siew Long Pau

Next up were the steamed dumplings. We were very tempted to get 2 different fillings; 1. Coriander and Pork, 2. Chives and Pork, but we would never have managed to finished all that food between the 2 of us. The waitress was kind enough to mix the 2 types of dumpling as one dish. Yay! We did get our wish to try both. The dumplings were really good. The skin is freshly made on the day itself and the dumpling generously filled with pork and coriander / chives respectively. I like the Coriander and Pork dumplings best as it has a uniquely fresh and sweet flavour that excite ones tastebuds.

Our final dish - pan-fried pork bun. The taste is very much like the siew long pau but the pastry is more pau / bun like instead of dumpling skin. After the other two dishes, we felt this dish to be very filling due to the heavy texture of the bun. Still delicious though as the insides taste exactly like the siew long pau. We doggy bag the buns that we couldn't finished and had them at home. Still delicious as ever.

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant
273 Liverpool Road

Ashfield NSW 2131

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