Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fiesta on Oxford

This is my second time here (first time was for a birthday) and the food was as delicious as ever. They do a mean sangria too. I love the decor here at Fiesta as it is just so welcoming and cosy. Particularly love the tiled wooden tables (how does one describe tables that has tiles on them?) and tiled mirror frames. Service was a little hit and miss though but who cares when the food is good.
Isn't this place cosy?

H got the sizzling chicken and beef fajitas which he got the previous time we were here and it is the best! It comes with 3 tortilla which you use as a base. You take the tortilla, spread guacamole and sour cream, and top with the chicken, beef and vegies; wrap them all up and ready to be gobbled down.
I decided to try something different and got the Smoked Salmon Sincros with Fiesta Salad. The smoked salmon sincros is made by putting smoked salmon, cheese and avocado between two flour tortillas, then toasted. The Fiesta salad though was the best! It has a unique cheesy/sour-ish (from lemons? I can't tell) dressing tossed with mixed leaf salad, tomatoes, kumara, avocado and spanish onions.
A meal is never complete without dessert. I am a total dessert (chocolate, pastries, cake) loving person. We got the chocolate mousse and churros. The chocolate mousse was a bit too heavy for my liking but maybe because we were too full?

This place has the best churros around. The churros are made in-house. It came up piping hot; crispy on the outside and dough-y on the inside with sprinked cinnamon powder on top. The only downside is that you pay $6.50 for two little churros. Apologies for not posting a picture of the churros as it was dark in there and the picture didn't turn out as well as I hoped.

Fiesta on Oxford
306 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2002

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