Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Saamnara Korean Restaurant

One of our favourite haunts for Korean food. It's situated a wee bit out of our way in Stratfield, as we're inner-city dwellers, but we make it a point to come back every few months or when we have visitors. I know 30 minutes drive is not considered far for some but it is to me. OK enough about that, let's start with the food.

For entree we ordered the Seafood Pancake. Saamnara is very generous with their seafood. The pancake was filled with octopus and mussels. The batter, just the right consistency, not too light or too heavy and seasoned to perfection.
Seafood Pancake

They do a mean Spicy Fish Roe Hot Pot. The soup is very tasty that at the end of the meal I (embarrassingly) tilt the pot so that I can get the last remnants of soup.
Spicy Fish Roe Hot Pot

I also love the Chilli Pork Bulgogi which you cook yourself at the table in a sizzling plate contraption (pictured below). Once the pork is cooked you eat it by wrapping it in lettuce or mint leaves which are provided. They are just as good by themselves.
Chilli Pork Bolgogi

Another one of my favourites is the Raw Chilli Crab. Raw blue swimmer marinated in a chilli concoction. Really yummy. They don't serve this all the time though especially if it's been raining the night before and there's no fresh blue swimmer to get a hold off.
Raw Chilli Crab

The rest of the food we've tried are good too (pictured below). The above are just my favourites.

Spicy Sausage and Ham Hot Pot
I can't remember what this dish is called. It's thinly sliced beef cooked on this contraption where the juices will fall to the side and you can drink it like soup. Tasty!
Side Dishes

Warning : When they say spicy they really do mean it. Not for the faint-hearted.

Shop 70 / 11 Boulevarde
Strathfield NSW 2135


NQN said...

Thanks for reviewing this place, it looks great and the servings look quite sizable too!

muse-r said...

Hi nqn,

I have been meaning to write a review of this place for a while now. We were there over the weekend and I had my camera with me this time so....

Btw I love your site. Great job. :)