Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kaizen BBQ

It has been ages since H and I visited Macquarie Centre and what a change (in terms of food choices and restaurants) a year has been since we were last there. The main entrance into Macquarie Centre up until the cinemas are now filled with a variety of restaurants and cafes. We were spoilt for choice as we wondered up and down the entrance way deciding what we were gonna have for dinner.

We finally decided on Kaizen BBQ as they had a wagyu sirloin beef special for $16.50 (usual price $25.60) and what a good thing we did. The meat was soo rich and tender, and super delicious. The owner told us that their wagyu are a grade 9. Yum!We also ordered the chicken, which was nicely marinated and tasty. But of course the main star of the night was the wagyu beef.
The seafood pancake was pretty bad actually. The batter wasn't mixed very well thus some part of the pancake were overly crispy and the other soggy and thick. Also, they were quite stingy with the fillings.
Overall, I will recommend their BBQ dishes, however, serving sizes here are pretty tiny (just look at the pics).

Kaizen BBQ
Store 408, Macquarie Centre
Corner of Herring and Waterloo Roads
North Ryde NSW 2113


Anonymous said...

They have unlimited BBQ including the Wagyu beef for $28 - its really good value if you can eat alot!

foodie-central said...

Wow! That's really good value. Will have to go back and try. Thanks for the tip.

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