Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pancakes On The Rocks

I don't know what has happened to this place. It used to have pretty good food and a great atmosphere but on this afternoon it was all a big disappointment. 5 very hungry people headed of to pancakes for a quick fix of ribs, nanchos, chicken caesar salad, tandoori pizza and the fisherman's basket.

First up, the pork ribs. We have always loved the pork ribs but today was just bad. The ribs were boiled with the sauce poured on top instead of frequently basted over a grill. How can ribs be cooked liked that?
Pork Ribs

Pizza was OK. Nothing spectacular.
Tandoori Chicken Pizza

Chicken Caesar Salad - where was the caesar dressing, bacon bits and eggs?
Chicken Caesar Salad

This was the tastiest out of the lot. However, the guacamole was slightly watery and I suspect this was bought instead of made fresh.

The worst was the fisherman's basket. It had 5 measly pieces of fish on the plate. Just look at the pic! We asked the waitstaff if this was the usual serving and she rudely told us that all dishes were weighed for portion control. If this is what we get why bother coming back?
Fisherman's Basket

Pancakes on the Rocks
10 Hickson Road
Sydney NSW 2000

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