Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mr. NL's special menu

Special guests visiting from Malaysia and lucky us to have someone cooking beautiful, restaurant quality food right at home. The below are pics from our very yummy dinner.

Fried to a golden crisp, the fish was crispy on the outside while the insides; fresh, flaky and creamy. Ginger and chilli, lightly fried and poured on top complemented the fish perfectly.
Fried Fish with Ginger and Chilli

3 different types of eggs (century eggs, salted eggs and normal eggs) steamed together with mince pork for added flavour. Yum.
3 Egg Marvel

I've never had fermented "Fuu Yee" cooked like this before, ie. cooked with vegie as it's usually eaten with porridge, but I have to say the fermented "Fuu Yee" paste goes really well with the cos lettuce. The cos lettuce here was still nicely firm and crunchy while the fermented "Fuu Yee" paste adds a creamy, slightly sweet and salty flavour to this dish.
Cos Lettuce with Fermented "Fuu Yee" Paste

This dish was really yummy. The asparagus was fresh and sweet and a great combination with prawns. This was one of my favourites.
Asparagus and Prawns Stir-Fry

And finally, the best dish of the night goes to (drum rolls...) the Crab cooked in Salted Eggs. It was soooo yummy. First bite and my tongue was melting with the rich flavour similar to if it's been cooked in butter. The rich flavour is due to the salted eggs used in this dish and not butter. Warning: this dish is highly addictive.
Special Crab

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