Sunday, September 14, 2008


Menya is a great place to go if you have cravings for Japanese noodles. I love their tonkatsu based soups as they are hearty and tasty especially on a cold rainy evening. They also have a selection of bento boxes and donburi dishes. We are still to try these as we've always gone for the soup based dishes =)

I had the mini menya ramen. This dish is made up of egg noodles in tonkatsu broth with slices of melt in your mouth roast pork, naruto, bean sprouts and seaweed. As I was also craving something deep fried I also ordered a side of karage chicken.. hehehe.. The karage chicken was just the right combination of saltiness and crispy skin! Yummy!
Mini Menya Ramen ($7.50)

H was craving for the curry tonkatsu ramen but they were sold out when we got there at 8.30pm :( He got the Ni-tamago ramen instead; enticed by the many marinated eggs in this dish. The eggs were super tasty as they were boiled / seasoned (?) in some kind of broth and the egg yolk - melt in your mouth texture.
Ni-tamago Ramen ($9.90)

Our two friends got the; Pork Katsu Ramen and another, the Chicken Katsu Ramen. They both uses tonkatsu based soup with naruto, bean sprouts and their meat of choice.
Pork Katsu Ramen ($9.90)
Shop 8, 8 Quay Street
Haymarket NSW 2000

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