Sunday, September 7, 2008


It seems like Malaysian fever this weekend as we've had Malaysian food two days in a row! A friend is leaving for Malaysia thus the catch up over dinner.

Everyone ordered Hainanese chicken rice but they only had 6 serves left (This is a very popular dish as they only have this on the menu on Sundays), so myself and another friend went without the chicken rice and got something else instead. Let's start with the chicken rice. H says it's the best he's ever tasted in Sydney and I have to agree. The rice was very tasty as typically chicken rice is cooked in chicken broth. H and I both suspect that they've also added butter or margerine for the added creaminess and glossiness of the rice. The chicken itself was tender, tasty and not overly cooked. Another criteria of a good chicken rice is it's chilli sauce and this place has the most authentic chilli sauce you can find in Sydney! We will definitely be back for more.
Hainanese Chicken Rice with a piece of Tofu Bakar

The other dishes we ordered, I found, just ordinary. I had the combination noodles which were actually pretty bland. We also ordered the Fish Head Curry. It looked really creamy which is not how it's suppose to be and doesn't taste like Fish Head Curry either.
Combination Noodles
Tofu Bakar and Fried Beans in Belacan

Other dishes we ordered were Tofu bakar (Grilled tofu) and fried beans in belacan. The tofu which was supposed to be grilled was actually deep fried (?). The fried beans were nothing spectacular. I guess each place has it's own special dish and Kopitiam's Hainanese Chicken Rice.

592 Harris Street
Ultimo, NSW 2007


D said...

I'm a huge fan of Malaysian food; so I've been meaning to find a place that does hainanese chicken as good as other places that I think are the better ones in Sydney...will definitely give this a go!

muse-r said...

Hi D,

Sorry for the late response. No one ever leaves me comments but please continue to do so..

Have you tried Kopi Tiam then? I forgot to mention that they only have their chicken rice on Sundays...

Nicole said...

Is it too late to comment on this place? I recently tried this place, as I had meant to for ages. I am a massive Malaysian food fan. The food at Kopitam was so bland that the laksa actually tasted of only cocnut milk. Mamak and Malacca Straits are so good. Haven't tried many others but will definitely not be back to Kopitam.

foodie-central said...

Hi NIcole - Never too late to leave a comment. I've not been back in ages but I have heard the quality has gone way down.. You should head to Malay-Chinese Takeaway on Hunter Street for Laksa! Temasek in Parramatta is good too.