Friday, August 15, 2008

Sydney Fish Market

We decided to head off to the fish market on Saturday as I've been craving salmon Sashimi. Once there H suggested we treat ourselves to Singapore Chilli Crab. We also got the Small Seafood Platter and Salmon Sashimi.

The Singapore Chilli Crab was a big let down as it doesn't taste at all like what it's suppose to be! It tasted like watered down sweet chilli sauce! The crab however was very fresh as what you would expect, and cheap compared to eating at a restaurant. The crab was $45/kg and if you want them to cook it for you they charge an additional $10/kg .The small seafood platter was yummy (as above). It had 2 fish fillets, 2 prawn cocktails, 2 crab stick and a handful of calamari. The batter was tasty, nice and crispy. My favourite from this dish was the calamari.
My favourite is the salmon sashimi with seaweed as I love salmon sashimi. The only gripe I have with the sashimi at the fish market is that they don't know how to slice the sashimi. They need some training from the chefs at Hamachi-Ya or Azuma!

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