Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Every time we have a holiday that falls on weekday H and I will try to head to Hamachi-Ya for lunch. Today H got the Sakura Bento Box which is what he always gets and I got the special for the day.

Sakura Box is made up of sashimi, teriyaki chicken, tempura and rice. The teriyaki chicken is tasty and doesn't taste like it's been marinated in one of those sauces you can buy from the asian grocery store. The tempura is proper tempura not like those with batter from the fish and chips shop but alas it was cold when it got to our table. And last but not least, sashimi. Salmon sashimi is to die for as it melts on your tongue.... yummmmmm.....
Sakura Bento Box $19.80

The special of the day was sushi, sashimi, grilled salmon salad, karage chicken, takoyaki balls, miso soup and a choice of green tea or wine. I love the sashimi as pointed out above (melts on your tongue), karage was good, nice and crispy. Takoyaki balls were ok, nothing spectacular. The squid was pretty rubbery. The grilled salmon was a bit dry. Was thinking if they were leftover from yesterday?
Hamachi-Ya Special $ 12.80

All in all this place has got good food at really reasonble prices. Anyways enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed eating the food! :)

261 Harris Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009

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