Saturday, August 16, 2008


Oopss.. looks like I got some of my days mixed up as I've posted Friday's night dinner before this post but it doesn't matter as dinner was great!

Adlin and I went to a little quaint Korean restaurant called Haemil in Circular Quay. It's a small place but with a baby grand piano in the middle of the restaurant! I was really excited as it's not everyday you get the owner of the restaurant playing classical music when you're having dinner. OK he didn't play all throughout dinner but only when requested. But when he did play, he played with emotions.

BibimbabBeef Bulgogi

Back to the food. We ordered Bibimbab and Beef Bulgogi. We now know how to correctly stir a Bibimbab. When H arrived like 1.5 hours later, he got the spicy squid bento box w/ tempura and fruits. The spicy squid was good but I have to admit the other 2 were so-so. The kimchi was good though and so was the potato salad and fish cake. Very yummy. When we asked for more they were all gone :( I would definitely go back to try the other dishes as this place is super cosy with excellent and friendly service.

Gateway Building
Shop 601, 1 Macquarie Place
Sydney NSW 2000

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