Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fullhouse (Korean/Japanese)

Fullhouse was a big let down for me. I guess I was really looking forward to good food as it had really great reviews on It had the highest rating amongst all the Korean restaurant in Sydney but when we were there on a Tuesday night, I found the food just average.

We started with complimentary pumpkin soup which was a nice surprise! The soup was actually pretty good - creamy and smooth, maybe a bit too smooth to be home-made?
Pumpkin Soup

My sis had the Katsu Udon which she said was just average. It looks nice though.
Katsu Udon

H had the Sukiyaki Beef Bento. The Sukiyaki was actually pretty good. The meat was tender and cooked in a tasty sweet sauce. Side dishes were good too: potato croquet, crumbed fish fillet, agedashi tofu and salad. The best dish out of the lot.
Sukiyaki Beef Bento Box

As for myself, I had the Unagi Don. As you can see from the pics : where are the unagi? There were only 5 tiny pieces of unagi in the bowl and the rest was filled with salad, rice, seaweed and bonito flakes. The unagi was just average. :(
Unagi Don

Us being the greedy creatures that we are, we also ordered the Salmon and Avocado Roll. The roll was pretty good. They had crab stick, cucumber and avocado in the roll as well as the salmon and avocado on top. However, I thought it could have been better if they had not drizzled the sauce-y thing on it which kinda took away / overpowered the natural flavours of the salmon and avocado.
Salmon & Avocado Roll

Opp Hilton Hotel
Level 1, Shop5, 238 Pitt St,
Sydney NSW 2000

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