Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cafe Sopra @ Fratelli Fresh

We headed off to Fratelli Fresh to buy some fresh vegies to cook for dinner tonight. However, when we got there we decided to have a quick snack (2pm) at the cafe upstairs and what a good thing we did, because, we've found the best modern Italian in Sydney!

When we got there at 2-ish the place was packed. We didn't wait too long in the queue as luckily for us the people standing in front of us left before they got their table and 2 minutes later we were shown our seats. We were seated by the window with a view of the whole cafe. It has great atmosphere where everyone was enjoying their food and company of friends. When seated we noticed that they only had the wine list on the table and what an extensive wine list it was. There must have been more then 50 wines on that list! The menu was on a big chalk board prop against the wall and every time a dish was sold out they will cross it.
The menu board (a third of it)

Back to the food, sis and H got the lamb ragu. It was very very good. The ragu was cooked with lots of rosemary which complimented the lamb really well. The sauce was tasty with a hint of rosemary and tomato. The lamb itself was very tasty and tender with the occasional fatty / chewy bits (am thinking tendons?) in the ragu which I loved.
Lamb Ragu

I had the Pan Fried Sardines and Stewed Cherry Tomatoes. Yum! The dish was visually stunning as well (check out the pic). They had Bruschetta bread at the bottom of the plate followed by Cherry tomatoes and the fish sitting at the top of the pile with a nice basil and pine nut pesto. The sardines were fishy but I think this complimented the dish rather then take away from it. The stewed tomatoes complimented the saltiness of the sardines and so did the pesto.
Pan-fried Sardines and Stewed Cherry Tomatoes

We also had a side of Rocket and Parmesan salad which was to die for. It's the best I've ever tasted. Would have liked some Parmesan slivers on the salad though.
Rocket and Parmesan Salad

7 Danks Street
Waterloo, NSW 2000

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angryvbl said...

the food at Fratelli Fresh is excellent apart from one thing - it has far too much salt. Too much salt ruins the beautiful flavours of the various ingredients. when so much salt is used it's almost not worthwhile eating it. you spend the restof the day drinking water.