Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cafe Sopra @ Fratelli Fresh - Round 2

OMG this place is great! This is our 2nd time in 2 weeks and the food is as fantastic as ever.
5 people, 2 salads, 5 mains, 3 desserts, 8 coffees and 1 hot chocolate.


Squid Ink Risotto

Osso Bucco

Whole Baked Trout

Farfelle, Smoked Chicken, Leek and Grain Mustard

Food was good as always. I loved the Farfalle with Smoked Chicken, Leek and Grainy Mustard. The combination was light but still creamy and tasty. The Baked Trout was fresh and very salty! Meat balls were very fresh and tasty. (I've not posted the pic as it was blurry, my fault!) Squid Ink Risotto tasted just like the one in Italy. Osso Bucco was good too.


Buttermilk Pudding

Banofi Pie

The Banofi Pie was to die food. It had just the right combination of crunchy biscuit based, banana flavoured toffee and cream. The Buttermilk pudding and fresh berries was very refreshing. The Tiramisu was made with sweet brioche layers and a good dose of alcohol but alas the mascarpone cheese was too rich for my liking.

It's too difficult to put my experience into words so I recommend that you give it a try for yourselves.

7 Danks Street
Waterloo NSW 2017

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