Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Visiting cousin = more food

My cousin is here from Melbourne! You know what that means......
More food!! yay!! No wonder I can't seem to lose weight.

Ms. Chee arrived Monday night. After picking her up from the airport we headed straight to Kelly's for warm Brioche with creamy butter, morrocan beef skewers, grilled mushrooms, rocket salads with parmesan cheese and Lamb Ribs.
The lamb ribs seems to be sweeter then usual. One of us had the lamb chops and they were good. Am going to go for the lamb chops the next time I go.
Also really good is the French Onion Soup which we didn't have this time.

Tonight we had chinese at our usual hangout when visitors come over - Golden Century.
The restaurant is quieter then usual probably due to people avoiding the city as the pope is here (WYD). Have been dreaming of mud crab in ginger and shallot with noodles and it didn't disappoint! Next up was steam barramundi in soya sauce - yum! was drinking the gravy / soup with my spoon when all fish were gone. Also had chinese cabbage with garlic and BBQ duck.

Am looking forward to the nights ahead (gleefully rubbing my hands together in anticipation). Have plans for:
thai - spice i am
western - kingsley
fish market
and what else???

stay tune to find out more....

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