Monday, July 28, 2008

UNA'S for brunch

14 of us met for Brunch on a chilly Sunday morning at UNA'S in Darlinghurst.
UNA'S is famous for it Snitzels. Servings are huge here and are of very good value.
If you decide to go for dinner, be prepared to wait it out in the bar at the top of the restaurant. The bar reminds me of one of those old, smoke filled pubs across the UK. Food wise - we always get the Deepfried Camerbert with Cranbery Sauce. Imagine a crisp outer layer and warm milky cheese oozing into your mouth with the sweetness of cranberry sauce balancing out the rich cheese. Yum! The rosti here is really yummy too. The potatoes taste really creamy and nice and crispy on the outside.

OK back to our brunch. Although I love UNA'S, I have to say brunch was a real disappointment. The big breakfast which was made up of bacon, sausage, egg, rosti, tomato, and toast, were very very greasy. The sausages were tiny and salty. The vegetarian breakfast was no different. A vegetarian meal has mushrooms instead of bacon and sausages, with everything else the same. Even the mushrooms were greasy.
Further dissappointment was when we learnt that we could actually have choosen how our eggs were done instead of getting the bulls-eye by default. We learnt this too late when we ordered a second big breakfast from another wait staff which then asked us how we'll like our eggs done! The next time I go for brunch, (which will be a long time coming since I will have to erase from my memory the greasy food and bad waitressing before I go again) I will make sure to tell the wait staff how I'll like my eggs cooked.

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