Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cousin's visit: Day 3

Day 3 of food food food.
For lunch we all gathered at Verandah Bar (corner of Elizabeth and Martin Place) for their $10 wagyu beef burger. Upon arriving, we realise that their specials have changed and Wednesday is half price pizza day after 6pm. So the girls (Ida and Darleen) decided to have chicken schnitzel, chips and salad which were yummy! Hairul had the beef burger which was pretty good. Burgerman is still the best though! I had t-bone steak, chips and salad for $16. The meat was good, cooked just as I ordered - med rare! Portions are huge here too. Good food, good value, what more do you need?

By 6pm we were all still stuffed from lunch and decided not to have spice i am as planned. Instead we decided to walk around the shops till they close and then on to china town to build up an appetite for dinner.
Menya Japanese Noodle it was. The good thing is they have small portions here. Ida and I had the mini tonkatsu menya noodle for $6.90! Cheap or wat! Serving was just nice (but still larger then what you'll get back home. sigh. how am I going to lose weight!) The soup / broth was thick and full of flavour. Noodles cooked just nice. Not too soggy or too hard. Only thing is that there were not enough sliced pork to my liking. Hairul had the katsu curry tonkatsu combination. I know, it sounds weird to have soup mixed with curry but it actually tasted really yummy.
The place to go for yummy japanese noodles.

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