Thursday, July 31, 2008

Central Baking Depot

Last month I read in the "News Weekly" that The Bourke Street Bakery has opened a store in the city called the Central Baking Depot (referred to as TCBD from now on) on Erskine Street. You can't imagine my excitement when I read the news and started telling everyone that my favourite bakery has a store 5 minutes walk from my building!

To date, I've been to TCBD 3 times since I found out where it was.
The first time I was there I got the pear tart. Even though the tart was cold it still tasted delicious.

Second time there I got the flourless chocolate cake and it was very very good. Look at the pic! My partner in crime, Adlin (not her real name) got the pancetta, pepper and ricotta pizza. You can really taste the sweetness of the peppers. I got a pic of that too!! We saw a few people who ordered the soup of the day and we decided that the next time we come back we have to get the soup!

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Pancetta, Pepper and Ricotta Pizza

Third visit, today, 31 July 08, we had ..... you guessed it.... soup of the day!
Soup of the day turned out to be Pea and Ham Soup with 2 slices of sourdough bread. Soup was tasty but seems really watery. I imagined if the consistency was slightly thicker it would have tasted better? We also tried the salami, ? and oregano pizza. Tasted really meaty. We also couldn't resist the chocolate baked cheese orange brownie. It was a really good brownie. The best. It was rich, chocolate-y and a hint of jaffa chocolate.

Pea & Ham soup with Sourdough Bread
Salami, ? , and Oregano PizzaChocolate Orange Brownie

Central Baking Depot
37-39 Erskine Street
Sydney 2000

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