Monday, March 21, 2016

Portico Prime

Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last post and I do admit that it has been my fault for being lazy and not finding the time to post. I am posting one now and it is mainly due to the wonderful experience I had dining at Portico Prime (PP) that got me writing again. Good things are meant to be shared!

We had booked ourselves in for the Singapore restaurant week 3 course lunch at PP. This was our first time dining here and I was looking forward to the food as I have heard good reviews from my Aunt who had just eaten at PP recently for a birthday dinner.

Upon entering the restaurant I admired the high ceiling and the overall spaciousness of the place which lent PP a laid back and relax vibe admist its chic setting. The waitstaff were very friendly and attentive which led to a great start to our lunch and they continue to do so throughout our meal.

I must admit that I was slightly disappointed when I learnt that the lunch set was going to be an Asian inspired 3 course meal. My heart (and tummy) was set on eating some hearty western fair. Kudos to the chef though for I throughly enjoyed the Asian inspired meal.

We started of with fresh bread served with two types of butter; salted butter and a seaweed butter which was a favorite amongst the group. [3/5]

For the first course / entree we were served grilled seafood on a bed of Thai inspired som tum salad and a tom yum dipping sauce. The seafood was nicely grilled with just a slight char that lent the dish some extra oomph. [4/5]

The chef did a play on the traditional Nasi Lemak and served this as a risotto cooked in coconut milk with deep fried battered white bait in lieu of the more traditional Ikan Bilis, a bamboo charcoal coated Otak (traditional fish cake) which to me looked like beef rendang and red drops of sambal. The Nasi Lemak risotto was a little hit and miss for me as I found the risotto slightly over cooked. Though I loved the Bamboo Charcoal coated Otak and the idea / creativity behind the dish. [3.5/5]

My favorite dish at PP was the dessert! It was an underwater aquarium served in a glass. Honeycomb ice cream with a pink coral made out of meringue, a marshmallow fish, chocolate seashell and moss of greentea chiffon cake. It was a delight not only on our tastebuds but for our eyes too. Loved the creativity behind this dish! [4.5/5]

We had a lovely experience overall and I will be back to try some of the western dishes on the menu.

Portico Prime
#01-20, 10 Dempsey Road,
247700 Singapore

+65 6474 7427

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Poppin Pods

Imma VIPPP! :)
It's a nice feeling to know that you're on someone's VIPPP list. 

Very Important Poppin Pods Person...that is.

The kind people at Poppin Pods have come up a really good idea on how to constantly have fresh green herbs. I'm pretty sure that being 'foodies' yourselves, half (if not most) of you have at least attempted to  grow your own herbs. 

I have failed miserably in this area and bow my head in shame. Once upon a time, I tried growing chives and mint from those little pots but the amount of time spent waiting for it to grow and the mess I had to deal with just wasn't worth the number of scraggly leaves I got back. I swore that one day, when I have my own house with a backyard, I'll try it again but for now, I'll rely on store bought greens. This is where Poppin Pods comes in.

These guys take the pain away by growing the veggies for you and the concept behind it is really simple. 

Step 1.
Choose the shell of your choice.They offer a range of styles from Galvanized Tin to Bamboo. Check their website out for photos(link at the bottom). 
Size wise, they fit comfortably on any normal kitchen window sill.

Step 2.
Pick the pods of your choice, all of which are ready to be harvested.
As they're all Australian grown, the range may change depending on the season. Each shell would comfortably fit 3 pods, each of which has a nifty handle for ease of handling.

Step 3.
Pop it on your window sill, occasionally water it (50ml per pod) and use as necessary. Once you're done, bring the 'naked' pod back to their stockist (currently David Jones  City or Bondi) and replace it with another herb of your choice.

There you have it!

My two cents
I think this is a great idea. The fact that it's ready to harvest the day you pick it up means that you only cut the leaves as you need them. Key point here is that there's no wastage possibly buying too much and thowing the rest away. Even if you don't use too much herbs at home or you just don't cook, these shells and the pods would still look pretty cool in your home and would be a pretty good talking point for when your friends drop by.

Check out their website here for more information, or on their facebook page and get yourself a few pods.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Table Manners

A random walk up North Canal Road in search of food brought us upon a chance encounter with Table Manners. The facade of the restaurant was inviting; with clear glass frame in black and views of what was going on in the restaurant... Or maybe we were just famished and Table Manners looked like a decent place that would serve us up some food.

As soon as we sat down we poured over the menu like hungry people do. I like how they named some of their dishes after old children's stories like Mary's Little Lamb and Three Little Pigs. What I also liked was when we asked if we could have a taste of the house red (a Malbec) before we decide on a bottle of wine, they actually brought out two tasting glasses for us to try! We ended up with a bottle of the Shiraz Cabernet for Sgd 55.

The food came out at lighting speed which suited us just fine.

From bottom left in a clockwise direction...

My favourite mains of the night - The Aglio Olio Bratwurst Sausage. Al dente and Cooked with garlic and bacon. Yum!

TM Ribs - Tender and juicy but ordinary

Three Little Pigs - The meat was tender and was nicely marinated. Served with an awesome Garlic Aioli. 

We were stuffed but a dinner cannot end without dessert! You know it's good when there's silence at the table. 

It was a burst of flavours for me; the not too buttery crust, bitter chocolate, sweet caramel and ended with the sea salt. I would highly recommend just popping a decent bite size portion in to your mouth and let the flavours burst forth. 

The best dish of the night goes to.... *drum rolls*..... Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel Tart

12 North Canal Road
#01-01 Singapore 048825

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Sushi Bar @ Far East Plaza

A hidden gem tucked away on the 3rd floor of Far East Plaza. Lucky for us the queue wasn't very long and we managed to get a seat after a 15-20 mins wait.

I loved the salmon sashimi. We concluded that the next time we visit we will just order the salmon sashimi instead of the 3 type sashimi.

Another of my favourite dish was the scallop carpaccio; slightly seared thus giving it a smoky after taste. Heaven!

#03-89 Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thai Express Bistro

Had a quick dinner with Li at Thai Express and I must say that I was really disappointed with the food. Yes the food was 'express' in that it came out really quick but what they made up for in speed the lost out on in taste.

I know this is Singapore and I wasn't expecting the food to taste as how they would in Thailand but this was really bad.
The Sukiyaki Glass Noodle was really bland and did not have any hint of a thai dish.

The mangoes in the Mango Salad did not have the bite of young mango but was in fact quite soft. The dressing was on the sweet side but at least it also had a combination of saltiness from the fish sauce and a little heat from chillies.

Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
+65 68831490